Season Rental 2023

Ski	Season Adult (17yrs+)	  Skis, Boots & Poles	299 Perf Skis, Std Boots & Poles	POA Skis & Poles	245 Performance Skis & Poles	POA Youth (11yr-16yrs)	  Skis, Boots & Poles	199 Twintip Skis, Boots & Poles	POA Skis & Poles	150 Twintip Skis & Poles	POA Child (10yrs & under)	  Skis, Boots & Poles	150 Twintip Skis, Boots & Poles	170 Skis	120 Boots	  Adult Ski Boots	120 Youth Ski Boots	70 Child Ski Boots	50 Snowboard	Season Adult (17yrs+)	  Snowboard & Boots	299 Snowboard	245 Youth (11yr-16yrs)	  Snowboard & Boots	200 Snowboard	175 Child (10yrs & under)	  Snowboard & Boots	175 Snowboard	150 Boots	  Adult Snowboard Boots	120 Youth Snowboard Boots	70 Child Snowboard Boots	50 Accessories	Season Adult Helmet	40 Youth/Child Helmet	35 Poles	20

 Season Rental Terms and Conditions

  1. All rental gear is to be returned by 29th October 2023 at the latest, please note we are not open all days once season ends.
  2.  All gear is your responsibility once picked up and any damage/theft must be paid for, Cost will be no higher than retail price of gear minus rental fee.
  3.  All gear must be returned in reasonable condition caused by responsible usage, Any major damage caused may incur repair or replacement fee.
  4. Skis will be fully serviced when picked up, if during the season they need to be serviced they can be brought to our workshop for a discounted cost service.
  5. No refunds are required after pick up but we may choose to charge you at a daily rate if you wish to return after a short period.