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Skis - Amp Rx

Skis - Amp Rx

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The K2 AMP RX makes a great ski for the mellow intermediate skier. The AMP RX is made with K2's All-Terrain Rocker with a 30% Rocker Tip and a flat tail. Rocker in the tip will ease you into a turn, the camber will keep you stable in the middle of your turn. The Composite Core of the AMP RX is soft, easy flexing and forgiving that does not require much skill or technique to make the ski react when and how it should. If you are looking for a soft and easy ski that will be a great value the K2 AMP RX would be a great choice.

Skier Level: Intermediate
Rocker: All-terrain Rocker
Sidecut 120/76/104
Radius 11M(@146cm)

All Terrain Rocker
Soft and Forgiving
Composite Core

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