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Swix - CH10X Yellow Warm Wax

Swix - CH10X Yellow Warm Wax

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CH10X Yellow, Warm 0°C/10°C, 180g
The CHX series is a fluoro-free glide wax, and equally good for training or competition.

An extra soft glide wax
Temperature range 0°C to +10°C
For skiers who train and compete
Good base glide wax

Temperature range from 0°C to +10°C. Recommended waxing iron temp.: 120°C. CH10X is slightly harder than the old CH10. Test results show that a harder wax works better in very wet snow. A change in hardness makes the CH10X more durable than before. A good wax for base prep and for training. The speed of the waxing iron should be approx. 8-10 seconds for a skating or alpine ski. The wax can be reheated after cooling to room temperature (10 min.) for better durability. It is important to have a good waxing iron in order to melt the wax efficiently.

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