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Ski - Drive 78 CA

Ski - Drive 78 CA

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When quality takes precedence over quantity of ski days per year, you'll want to invest in a progression friendly, all-mountain package that will allow you to put in a full day. Engineered with the recreational skier in mind, the Nordica Drive 78 CA Skis + N ADV P.R. EVO Bindings feature Nordica's signature CamRock technology, delivering a profile and sidecut that work hand-in-hand to make turns easy to initiate and bliss-inducing to complete. Plus, with Nordica's EVO Light CT base plate, your sticks will respond with effortless ease. The Nordica Drive 78 CA Skis + Bindings are without a doubt your key to recreational fun on the slopes this winter and many winters to come.

Product Details
Rocker Type
CamRock Recreational – Transfer Zone (TZ) combines all mountain rocker with an evolved sidecut that maintains its widest point 5 times longer than a traditional ski. The result is a profile and sidecut that work together to give you the benefits of rocker without losing the dynamic energy of a traditional cambered ski.

Energy Frame Composite – Offers a technology for advanced skiers who are looking to enjoy a long day of skiing while using minimal energy. The partial sidewall combines an easygoing cap construction in the tip and tail with an ABS sidewall under the foot for maximum edge grip during on piste skiing. In addition, this construction features two stringers of wood and a CA layer that makes these skis very easy to handle while not giving up any stability.

FMC Hexflow Quadrax
Woodcore Stringers
Poliamide Top Foil
Glassfibre Grid
Spring Steel
ABS Sidewalls
UHMW Base – Ultra high molecular weight sintered graphite Gallium base.
Steel Edge

Binding Plate
EVO Light CT – Engineered specifically for all mountain skiing, this plate is 25% lighter than the rest of the plates in the EVO family. Whether you're working your way down a groomer, swiveling through the bumps or trees, or even just walking to your car, lightweight is an advantage all skiers can benefit from.
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