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Poles - Energy Adjustable

Poles - Energy Adjustable

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187 g /6,59 oz 
70-108 cm / 28’’-43’’
ALU 7075 - Ø 16/14 mm Sublimation
01/1G Mid Size Gummy
02/16 - 1 Adjustable Jr
03/1-F Power Race
Flex Tip+Tip
05/15 + 08/8 Vario Fit + Ice

ENERGY is a versatile telescopic pole dedicated to young trekkers and skiers.

Suitable for all seasons, this ULTRALIGHT model is designed for a vast array of outdoor activities such as alpine skiing, alpine touring, trekking and snowshoeing.

The two extensible aluminum tubes can be easily adjusted in length by the use of the Fast Lock, which is a fast and safe external locking system ideal for low temperatures, too.

The rubber grip and the adjustable strap provide a firm control of the handle while the steel tip guarantees an optimal traction on any ground, be it rocky or icy, without the risk of slipping.

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