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Boot-Ski - KR 2 Core

Boot-Ski - KR 2 Core

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The Dalbello KR 2 Core Ski Boots are responsive and precise boots that are performance oriented while still maintaining a level of comfort so that your feet don't feel like they're being squeezed by a vice. The boot mold enhances power by matching 4 critical fit points and the 3-piece shell offers a progressive forward flex which optimizes responsiveness, especially for today's wide skis. This boot features an adjustable flex to meet the demands of a wide range of riders, but it is ideal for the hard charging skier who doesn't shy away from steep lines and super-sonic speeds.

Boot mold enhances power, precision and comfort by matching 4 critical fit points: the heels, ankles, 5th metatarsals near your toes and the naviculars near insteps.

Anatomic Plug Fit featuring Contour 4 Technology – Krypton Shell Fit architecture integrates C4 concept. Anatomical interior shell contouring and innovative innerboot foot mapping construction shaped to accommodate 4 critical fit points

Flex index of 110 offers the responsive power transfer preferred by advanced skiers.

Liners feature soft comfort foam around the rearfoot areas and tongues, and the toe boxes stretch to enhance comfort and fit.

Bi-Injected Cabrio Design: PU Shell/Cuff – Innovative ski boot design architecture combining lower boot/cuff assembly open on top with an external tongue. Flex is smooth and progressive with support and control that is strong and precise.

Kinetic Response Tongue – Highly resilient polyamide (nylon) tongue provides enhanced sensitivity. Improves responsiveness and control. Interchangeable design

Twin canting adjusts the cuffs to fit the angles of your lower legs, levels the soles of the boots above the skis and offers a versatile range of adjustment.

Adjustable Forward Lean – To change the KR2 forward lean angle, Forward Lean control wedges may be inserted between the lower shell and cuff. Wedges are secured to the rear shell with a 3mm Hex Head Screw. Two different FL inserts: KR models with 4 mm insert = 11° (stock) KR models with 8 mm insert = 13° (in box)

Center Balanced Stance
F-500 Alu Buckles – 3 Microadjustable
Separate cuff, shell and tongue sections are joined together to create a smooth forward flex with precise side-to-side support.

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