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Boots-Ski - Livefit R90

Boots-Ski - Livefit R90

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An innovative all-mountain boot which automatically adapts its fit to the skiers foot in real time: this is the LF 90.

This is thanks to the unique Live Fit zones.

These elastic zones snugly enclose the forefoot and, with a variable last width from 102 to 106 mm, automatically ensure a perfect fit through every stage of a turn: Live Fit adapts to every movement of the forefoot in real time, thereby maximizing performance.

The ASY Sport liner and medium-hard flex maximize power transmission and wear comfort.

Two Mega buckles and the wide Power Strap provide firm support.

The LF 90 is the perfect boot for advanced skiers looking for maximum comfort.

- PU Cuff / PU Shell
- Bronze Liner
- 35 mm Strap
- 6000-Series Alu Buckle
- Rental Color Coded Sizing
- Sanitized Liner
- Barcode with Holder

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