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Snowboard - Marshal 19 SB

Snowboard - Marshal 19 SB

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The Rome Marshal Snowboard is much like the mustachioed gentleman who lays down the law; they both oversee their territory with an eagle eye for spicy terrain. If you're interested in expanding your snowboard horizons, the Marshal is a great place to start thanks to its combination of easy-riding flat profile and stiffer, responsive flex pattern. The SinterStrong Sidewalls and SinterStrong Base will keep you moving at optimal speeds with incredible durability, while carbon stringers and a slightly elongated nose make the Marshal a responsive all-mountain operator that doesn't shy away from riding out switch.

Rocker Type
Contact Camber – 100% flat through the running length to give both pop and pressability.

Response Rating – 7 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)

Directional Twin – These shapes are predominantly twin and drive the versatile, kill-anything performance of Rome's all-mountain freestyle snowboards. From contact point to contact point (100% of the running length), these boards are twins -- the shape and core profile in the front part of the board is the same as in the rear of the board. The non-twin portion comes when the nose and tail start to rise. In this shape, the distance from the front contact point to the top of nose is slightly longer than the distance from the rear contact point to tip of the tail.

FiveGnar Sidecut – To add a lively, responseive feel to Rome's flat-camber boards, Rome designed a complimentary sidecut that features two different sidecut radii used in five distinct zones of the board. The zones under the front and back feet are the same, while the zones in the nose, tail and the middle of the board are all the same tighter radius sidecut. All zones are blended into each other to make one smooth arc that is not interrupted by "bumps." With a tighter radius in the nose, tail and mid section, the board engages more actively, feels tighter in the middle of a turn and finishes the turn with more pop.

SuperPop Core Matrix – The lightweight, super responsive core found in many of Rome's higher performing boards, this matrix features poplar for power and three zones of low-density wood for lightness.

45 / 90 Hybrid Laminate – This laminate drives an all-mountain freestyle feel by combining the high response of 45 degree fibers with the 90 degree fibers that let riders feel and finesse the terrain.

TurboRods | Carbon Single Barrel – A single rod of dynamically-flexing carbon in the centerline for longitudinal pop without unwanted torsional stiffness. TurboRods put pop-enhancing rods inside of sleeves for more dynamic response in the tip and tail.

SinterStrong Sidewalls – These sidewalls are constructed with sintered base material. With greater strength through greater elasticity, these sidewalls increase durability for those times that you unintentionally hit a rock or intentionally land on a rail.

SinterSpeed Base – Speed matters, whether you want to glide smoothly through powder or whether you want to make sure you clear the knuckle. For Rome's higher end boards, this is the base that ensures you get to the line first and you land in the sweet spot.
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