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Boot-Ski - Pursuit Sensor 3 110

Boot-Ski - Pursuit Sensor 3 110

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The Rossignol Pursuit Sensor3 110 Ski Boots are for the advanced, on-piste skiers who like to charge hard down inbound runs. When you're facing crowded resorts, you need a responsive boot that will allow you to dodge skiers and snowboarders that seem as if they are crawling down the slopes. The Pursuit Sensor3 110 features a reinforced upper cuff that offers increased backward support and delivers more energized forward flex for quick responsive turns, while the OptiSensor liner forms around your feet for a comfortable custom fit.

Product Details


100 mm Last – Cutaways in the bootboard: The Sensor 3 bootboard is narrow, so that the 3 contact points can be in direct contact with the boot's polycarbonate insert. The insert is very stiff, which increases the responsiveness of the boot.


Sensor Fit Liner – This focuses on solving all of the common problem fit areas. Sensor Fit simply fits more feet better.

One Piece Toe Box – No seams are on the front of the tongue, and the instep is very shaped and padded. This eliminates pressure points over the toes and instep.

Thermo Optisensor Fit Liner – This new liner, used in Pursuit Boots, gives better foot envelopment through better interaction between shell and liner. The thermoformable materials enables the boot to be customized to the individual skier's foot, for performance with comfort.

Shell Materials & Design

Sensor³ (Polyether + Polycarbonate Insert) – Using a narrower boot board that allows the three key receptor points to contact the poly-carbonate insert directly, the direct contact with the highly reactive poly-carbonate produces extraordinary power, control and feel.

Updated Cuff – An anatomical design provides better lower leg wrapping and enhances lateral power transfer.

Polycarbonate Insert – With an insert in rigid material, the cuff is very solid - backward support is excellent and rebounds are powerful. Fixed to the shell for increased boot responsiveness.

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