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Ski - S80

Ski - S80

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This all-mountain freeride ski features Rossignol's unique camber profile, AmpTek. Amptek Freeride combines traditional camber underfoot and through the tail delivering power, energy and edge grip with an early rise tip that dramatically improves the turn initiation and flotation in any condition. A sandwiched construction, wood core, titanium laminates, and 80mm waist create the perfect platform to excel in crud and hardpack while still providing some float in powder. If you are looking for one ski to go anywhere on the mountain, the Rossignol S80 Freeride skis are the ultimate all-mountain tool for any snow condition and terrain.

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Amptek (Amplification Technology): this technology, developed by Rossignol for the Freeride series, lets you ski on powder without constraint. Skis with the Amptek profile are livelier, have improved float power on powder, and allow you to experience new sensations on snow. There is rocker at the tip, which gives more lift and improved turn capability on powder. Traditional construction underfoot, with a camber and an 18m turn radius provide easier edge-to-edge transition on hard snow, making for one versatile ski.


Sandwich construction with vertical sidewalls

Freeride Tip shape for superior contact with snow for maximum hookup and versatility off-piste

Graphic Inspired by Caia Koopman


Poplar wood core with titanium laminates create a powerful ski with lots of edge grip.

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