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Ski - Scratch FS BlkWht

Ski - Scratch FS BlkWht

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Rossignol Scratch Girl FS Skis- The NEW Rossignol Scratch Girl FS Ski is specifically designed for girl jibbers who want to boost big airs and stomp landings in the park and pipe. The rebound tips provide you with the perfect mix of reaction for take-offs and absorption for soft landings. The ski’s Rocking Chair Effect improves your balance, float in powder and grip on hardpack. THC2 Core is lightweight while providing shock absorption and response. The Rossignol Scratch is the same ski that Kristi Leskinen uses to show up the boys.

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Other Features

30 degree sloping sidewalls- big glide surface and low swing weight, less weight, faster edging

Rebound tips- Elastomers in front and rear tips offer a mix between absorption and reaction -Reaction for take-offs and tricks -Absorption and happy landings

Rocking Chair Effect- improves and simplifies balancing, high grip on hardpack, high float on powder, improves and simplifies balancing, hard grip on hardpack, high float on powder

THC2- A hybrid core made from 3 materials: -Poplar: for pep and lightness -Fume (wood): for response and snow “feel” -Microcell: for shock absorption

Two boot center mounting points for pure Freestylers and standard for “classic” alpine skiers

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