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Skis - Sforce W X6 20

Skis - Sforce W X6 20

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Dimensions: 123/76/107

Radius: 11M@150cm

Terrain: All-mountain

Ability: Intermediate

Salomon E S/force W X6 ski is perfect for skiing on the slope looking for stability even at higher speeds, so you can draw precise lines at every descent on any type of snow. The semi-sidewall construction is created to ensure a better adhesion of the sheets to each curve. Absorption of ground irregularities. The rocker on the tip offers excellent balance between absorption of soil irregularities and stability, to tackle any type of snow in complete safety. High speed stability. The construction with wooden core reduces vibrations offering optimal stability and powerful rebound effect. High speed Side wall partial sandwich A combination of ABS sidewall under the foot and monoblock construction on tip and tail. The ABS sidewalls ensure performance, precision and stability, while the monoblock construction makes the ski lighter and easier to maneuver. The wooden core offers stability, vibrancy and permissibility, while ensuring good contact ski-snow. Rental sheet tapered rocker on tiprocker on tips, camber under the foot and flat tail. Rubber layer for fluidity A layer of rubber arranged along the slats and critical areas of the skis, for smoother control and better ski-snow contact. Structure in glossy thermoplastic polyur

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