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Skis - Snow Black AM 21

Skis - Snow Black AM 21

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Snow Black AM LS

Rocker, Dynaflex Technology, Full Power Cap, MonoLite Woodcore, Fibreglass

The Elan Snow Black is the perfect option for beginner to advanced intermediate level ladies looking to ditch the rentals and get on their own pair. Laminated wood makes up the core for a lightweight and highly maneuverable ski which will help those who are still learning to get the ski on edge. The CAP construction makes the Snow Black sturdy and durable which adds to the shelf life and a longer lasting product. Groove Tip Technology enhances the flex of the ski by making it easier to flex into, perfect for beginners still dialing in their skills. Become a better skier on your pair of skis with the Snow Black from Elan.

Mono Woodcore- Lightweight core that delivers natural liveliness and response.
Full Power Cap- CAP construction that delivers durability and an easier flex.
Groove Tip Technology- Forgiving flex with the right of balance and precision.
GripWalk Compatible Bindings

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