Boots-SB - TM Three

Boots-SB - TM Three

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This is the first boot in history to feature adjustable recoil flex control giving the rider the ability to alter the flex to fit their style. The ThirtyTwo® Recoil Flex Control rods that are inserted into pockets on either side of the spine change the flex. Inserting both adds support and stiffens the boot from a 6/10 to an 8/10. The rider also has the option to use only one ThirtyTwo® Recoil Flex Control rod for an asymmetrical flex for tweaking.

The ThirtyTwo® TM-THREE is also the first boot with the new Elite Footbed and Elite Liner. The Elite Liner is an injection-molded shell made from Energy Foam for structure and smoother flex, lined with Intuition Foam for heat molding a customized fit. The Elite Footbed features ThirtyTwo®’s Adaptive Arch Support with four interchangeable arch wedges made for everything from flat feet to high arches. These arches personalize the fit and reduce foot fatigue.

In addition to the Recoil Flex Control, Elite Liners and Elite Footbeds the ThirtyTwo® TM-THREE is jam packed with these addition technical features:
· Exo Armor – Reinforced Shell Construction
· Storm Shield – All Weather Waterproofing Seal
· Performance Backstay – Enhanced Spine Support
· Molded Toe Cap – Rugged Toe Reinforcement
· Tongue Tension – Ultimate Heel Lock Down
· Internal Lacing – Superior Heel Hold
· 1:1 Lasting – True Half Sizes
· 3D Molded Tongue – Even Flex
· Articulated Cuff – Eliminates Shell Distortion

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