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Boot-Ski - Tracker 130

Boot-Ski - Tracker 130

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The Tracker 130 is Atomic's stiffest offering in the Tracker series. They are essentially the same boot as the Burner 130, with some tweaks. First off, the hike/tour mechanism on the Tracker makes alpine touring and hiking much easier, just flip the switch and you are ready to go. It has a 98mm last with a nice, snug fit and a stiff 130 flex that will allow you to charge turns down ANY terrain at ANY speed. They are still essentially alpine boots but are suitable for hard charging on the resort and the occasional tour out of bounds, a combination that seems to be getting very popular. Basically, we recommend these to expert aggressive skiers who want more range of motion when touring or walking.

98mm last:Forefoot width of 98mm for racing performance, not as concerned about comfort, although modern boots do a great job of keeping their performance boots quite comfortable.

130 Flex Rating:Higher than average stiffness means you should be skiing pretty fast to warrant a boot of this flex.

Live Fit Blow Out Panel:The outside of the boot is made of hard rubber allow the foot to naturally expand while skiing, maximizing the overall comfort of the boot.

Twin Micro Excenter canting: Maximum canting adjustment is achieved with the Twin canting system. Both the inside and outside of the ankle can be adjusted to correct for an uneven skiing platform caused by crooked legs.

Tongue Pull:A loop of fabric at the top of the tongue helps in putting on and removing the boots. Pull it forward and to the side and your foot should slide right in.

35mm strap: Wider than average strap at the top of the boot to help keep the boot together and to give good performance while skiing.

Height adjustable spoiler: A quick adjustment via velcro raises the rear top of the boot to give more support on the back of the leg, or when lowered, gives a little more room and comfort for the skier.

Recco reflector: The Recco reflector system is a location device built into the back of the boot. This allows ski patrol a much greater chance of finding you if you get stuck in the well of a tree or buried in an avalanche. Its not as good as wearing an avalanche beacon, but its the next best thing.

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